Currency and Value

Currency and Value

Why does everyone want more money? More Currency but never seems to ask more value… Let’s explore the discourse.

How do you measure poverty and wealth of a country?

Some might naively look at GDP and though this gives an indication of money flowing through. The fact remains, future value is based on policies, law and enforcements thereof, how the citizens view the politics and whether they migrate to greener pastures.

Turns out if you have a lot of brain drain and more socioeconomics of simpler solutions crop up again. Bad Education or misplaced education, only teaches those with the ability to migrate how to service those that need expertise, while the humble farmer still needs to fight off theft. As every resource is over utilised and expended.

A country has tourism attractions and in South Africa, Cape Town is a prime destination. This is not just due to how beautiful table mountain is but also the small towns that are maintained with centuries worth of history and nostalgia. Buying value brings value, producing wealth therefor helps set the value of currency.

Currency creates liquidity. It flows from high demand to create high demand when considering value. No one wants to see poverty, where everyone is powerless. Where no one takes action for poor people. A Quick Lottery ticket and I’m a millionaire ,for one person, while millions of others live in squander.

Water is a resource that is a human right. This is something all western countries believe. But when it comes to some companies, money not the value of life takes precedent. Who are these people, that can’t even figure out the lottery is a big scam that makes them lose the little that they have.

Another resource, mining, is prevalent in Africa and in 3rd world countries. Yet we don’t spend money on manufacturing of the goods in our own countries as we are plagued by over and under regulation. And the best type of regulation will always be by the people for the people even if the people don’t see it in the short term, or not?

"An apple stolen today is an apple missing tomorrow"-anon.

The short term gain of theft leaves untold damages for tomorrow. But hey, I got my million dollar car, I just need to dodge these potholes and buy safe drinking water with the money that was destined for maintenance. They will never know… And I have the police over utilised so they simply won’t have the ability to go after me. It would, simply just cost them too much money in court.

And so intelligent people, that feel powerless and decide to do what they are told. “If you don’t like it go somewhere else” and they do just that. Especially the ones with the ability to better the whole of society.

The people and their actions decided the value of a country 90% of the time. A quick fix of drugs and you forget the troubles of today. Only to pass it on to those whom are overspent and overused.

How can you help your country?

We have this issue in the world. “How much should I spend?” If asked by everyone. And for some, there is only one answer for everything. These are the majority of people on earth that simply needs to spend their entire monthly income on expenses just to get by. With climate change this will only worsen. But, what can these individuals contribute, that are able to read this blog ?

The first thing is quite simple, to spend money on quality food and not more food…. not more pebbles for the lawn. If you are able to buy Apple products and use your computer for Blog reading consider this. Apple product’s life time is much more than other options. And so the old wisdom comes to mind “buying cheap is to buy expensive”.

Buy food that actually makes you less hungry and not just a stimulus to the brain to later get the urge to simply buy garbage food again. Olive oil is one of these foods that will help you spend less by spending a little more today.

An instant coffee cost 3 units of currency, a filter coffee costs 5units of currency. The Filter coffee is cheaper as you only need one cup, not 3 when compared to instant coffee that you will be more satisfied with the quality of life. Especially if you’re like me who really enjoys coffee.

There will be poverty until people, by themselves, take action. And the first milestone will always be clean drinking water. This leads to better mind function and better cognitive abilities when used as needed. This allows for better planning through times.

Planning for the future is a humbling task, no one wants to admit they might not have enough food. But just like a car safety belt, planning can save lives, but Mother Nature could still cause deaths and this is just a fact of live.

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Conclusion: Value people… value Labour ,wealth can be destroyed. Best be prepared!

Future value is determined by today's sacrifices and good planning