Causation and Correlation

Effect of light distorted

Causation,Correlation and our factual world is sometimes intertwined. Let’s explore this area of an debate and how it is misused and misunderstood.

Let’s use a simple example. A bird flies off.

Correlation; I ate a packed of beens this morning, and the Bird flies off later that day.

This might be obvious example but there are many cases where some mis interpret information. Like “people have died who got the covid vaccine”
on the surface this look innocent but to some it might be understood and “because of the vaccine someone has died” which is folly.

Sadly you do not need to fully understand language to be popular or an influential person. Hence why so many people get it wrong. As they them selfs believe this “higher” intelligent persons ,actual opinion; over the actual experts advice.

You would think; “no man I won’t fall for that” well let us look a bit deeper.

EXAMPLE:”An correlation has been seen between girls whom whore skirts and those whom whore pants, and those whom whore skirts had a 5 % better grade, on average” or even better:

“School girls whom whore skirts are 5% more likely to score better in school”

On the surface of such statement some might feel the urge to buy skirts for their daughter and believe that they will now perform better and be better off in general. Well in this made up world it turns out skirts are 50% more expensive. Meaning the girls whom whore skirts where from a better well off family structure and was able to have a 100% better diet diversity leading to a better environment for the brain to learn.

Not to mention not having mom and dad fight all day long over finances, while trying to study.Hence the skirt’s do not have a causation effect as the click bait might have you think.

Now for the one that is what every actual scientist would like to find it their work.

The bird flies off just after you have clapped/or even better as you clap your hands, also know as causation.

Let’s explore.

The average household whom have financial difficulties tend to have under performing learners compared to wealthy learners… TRUE OR NOT?

In this case it is all about how the parents handle the situation when causation is under review. Yes the less better off households do have it worse of but, just like that one bird that ‘FORGOT’ to fly , their will be cases where the family comes together and at a candle stick learn/do their school work and have an constructive debate on what needs to happen.

The one thing you can guarantee with a large enough data set is that there will be expected and unexpected points in the data set. This is normal and depending on the type of information it might vary a lot. But we need to keep our heads cool and to the best of our knowledge inform ourselfs on the subject matter.

“O look this bird did not fly away from the sound” , “Yes, Karen that is the one you shot”.

You need to know what the subject language is of phd students before you can make a conclusion. For example; hypothetically/hypothesis etc means in reality “In a made up world/I PREDICT this experiment will do this”. It does not mean that is, a fact or even a fart compared to peer review, publicly accessible papers from actual researchers.

Just because some paper has claimed to be from a reliable source does not mean it is so. Also again a link to a list of fallacies you need to have a look at!