Masks,The Internet and the Good Record

Mask Conclusion

Good day. In progress to make a post about how to use the internet that should be read by all who are new to the internet. The reason is simple; people don’t know things about how to use a computer and this site’s aim is to help out. And when I say basic I mean basic like a page about wifi, DNS, Internet accounts how to search for something. Motivated from My Grandad who use to not know what the GOOGLE thing is… Also, no idea what a browser is but somehow is able to use Gmail.

Today 2021/09/12 – Without further a due.

There are many, many misinformation out there and based on some basic research it seems people need to have a solid understanding of their world , before they could be less likely to fall victim to miss information.

I will once a week give feedback on some area of concern where some point of view is squeezed and made to cause discourse/conflict.

Lets use the first one… Masks

in 2020 we started to have a mask mandate right over the world. Some complained that masks were suffocating them and simply not able to use them at all…. Other’s said a surgeon uses them for 6hours straight without causing any side effects. Some claimed they could *faint*.

Let's set the record straight
  1. If both parties used the same mask the issue would be easy to solve
  2. The surgeons uses masks that are easy to breath through not grans 5-ply-full-face-cotton-mask
  3. both parties was unable to figure this out; now we have “political” masks
  4. The mask filters most of the air coming out of your nose/mouth and so protects others from yourself, as you might be contagious without knowing it.
  5. Yes the mask does not directly protect you from covid, but if everyone protects they neighbour from they self we all would have less of an covid issue.

This was not easily understandable to some hence the mask mandates and laws.

Some extra reading about what most are up against : DISCLAIMER I: don’t know if it’s the Russians but that is for another post.