Currency and Value

Why does everyone want more money? More Currency but never seems to ask more value… Let’s explore the discourse.

How do you measure poverty and wealth of a country?

Some might naively look at GDP and though this gives an indication of money flowing through. The fact remains, future value is based on policies, law and enforcements thereof, how the citizens view the politics and whether they migrate to greener pastures.

Turns out if you have a lot of brain drain and more socioeconomics of simpler solutions crop up again. Bad Education or misplaced education, only teaches those with the ability to migrate how to service those that need expertise, while the humble farmer still needs to fight off theft. As every resource is over utilised and expended.

A country has tourism attractions and in South Africa, Cape Town is a prime destination. This is not just due to how beautiful table mountain is but also the small towns that are maintained with centuries worth of history and nostalgia. Buying value brings value, producing wealth therefor helps set the value of currency.

Currency creates liquidity. It flows from high demand to create high demand when considering value. No one wants to see poverty, where everyone is powerless. Where no one takes action for poor people. A Quick Lottery ticket and I’m a millionaire ,for one person, while millions of others live in squander.

Water is a resource that is a human right. This is something all western countries believe. But when it comes to some companies, money not the value of life takes precedent. Who are these people, that can’t even figure out the lottery is a big scam that makes them lose the little that they have.

Another resource, mining, is prevalent in Africa and in 3rd world countries. Yet we don’t spend money on manufacturing of the goods in our own countries as we are plagued by over and under regulation. And the best type of regulation will always be by the people for the people even if the people don’t see it in the short term, or not?

"An apple stolen today is an apple missing tomorrow"-anon.

The short term gain of theft leaves untold damages for tomorrow. But hey, I got my million dollar car, I just need to dodge these potholes and buy safe drinking water with the money that was destined for maintenance. They will never know… And I have the police over utilised so they simply won’t have the ability to go after me. It would, simply just cost them too much money in court.

And so intelligent people, that feel powerless and decide to do what they are told. “If you don’t like it go somewhere else” and they do just that. Especially the ones with the ability to better the whole of society.

The people and their actions decided the value of a country 90% of the time. A quick fix of drugs and you forget the troubles of today. Only to pass it on to those whom are overspent and overused.

How can you help your country?

We have this issue in the world. “How much should I spend?” If asked by everyone. And for some, there is only one answer for everything. These are the majority of people on earth that simply needs to spend their entire monthly income on expenses just to get by. With climate change this will only worsen. But, what can these individuals contribute, that are able to read this blog ?

The first thing is quite simple, to spend money on quality food and not more food…. not more pebbles for the lawn. If you are able to buy Apple products and use your computer for Blog reading consider this. Apple product’s life time is much more than other options. And so the old wisdom comes to mind “buying cheap is to buy expensive”.

Buy food that actually makes you less hungry and not just a stimulus to the brain to later get the urge to simply buy garbage food again. Olive oil is one of these foods that will help you spend less by spending a little more today.

An instant coffee cost 3 units of currency, a filter coffee costs 5units of currency. The Filter coffee is cheaper as you only need one cup, not 3 when compared to instant coffee that you will be more satisfied with the quality of life. Especially if you’re like me who really enjoys coffee.

There will be poverty until people, by themselves, take action. And the first milestone will always be clean drinking water. This leads to better mind function and better cognitive abilities when used as needed. This allows for better planning through times.

Planning for the future is a humbling task, no one wants to admit they might not have enough food. But just like a car safety belt, planning can save lives, but Mother Nature could still cause deaths and this is just a fact of live.

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Conclusion: Value people… value Labour ,wealth can be destroyed. Best be prepared!

Future value is determined by today's sacrifices and good planning

Causation and Correlation

Causation,Correlation and our factual world is sometimes intertwined. Let’s explore this area of an debate and how it is misused and misunderstood.

Let’s use a simple example. A bird flies off.

Correlation; I ate a packed of beens this morning, and the Bird flies off later that day.

This might be obvious example but there are many cases where some mis interpret information. Like “people have died who got the covid vaccine”
on the surface this look innocent but to some it might be understood and “because of the vaccine someone has died” which is folly.

Sadly you do not need to fully understand language to be popular or an influential person. Hence why so many people get it wrong. As they them selfs believe this “higher” intelligent persons ,actual opinion; over the actual experts advice.

You would think; “no man I won’t fall for that” well let us look a bit deeper.

EXAMPLE:”An correlation has been seen between girls whom whore skirts and those whom whore pants, and those whom whore skirts had a 5 % better grade, on average” or even better:

“School girls whom whore skirts are 5% more likely to score better in school”

On the surface of such statement some might feel the urge to buy skirts for their daughter and believe that they will now perform better and be better off in general. Well in this made up world it turns out skirts are 50% more expensive. Meaning the girls whom whore skirts where from a better well off family structure and was able to have a 100% better diet diversity leading to a better environment for the brain to learn.

Not to mention not having mom and dad fight all day long over finances, while trying to study.Hence the skirt’s do not have a causation effect as the click bait might have you think.

Now for the one that is what every actual scientist would like to find it their work.

The bird flies off just after you have clapped/or even better as you clap your hands, also know as causation.

Let’s explore.

The average household whom have financial difficulties tend to have under performing learners compared to wealthy learners… TRUE OR NOT?

In this case it is all about how the parents handle the situation when causation is under review. Yes the less better off households do have it worse of but, just like that one bird that ‘FORGOT’ to fly , their will be cases where the family comes together and at a candle stick learn/do their school work and have an constructive debate on what needs to happen.

The one thing you can guarantee with a large enough data set is that there will be expected and unexpected points in the data set. This is normal and depending on the type of information it might vary a lot. But we need to keep our heads cool and to the best of our knowledge inform ourselfs on the subject matter.

“O look this bird did not fly away from the sound” , “Yes, Karen that is the one you shot”.

You need to know what the subject language is of phd students before you can make a conclusion. For example; hypothetically/hypothesis etc means in reality “In a made up world/I PREDICT this experiment will do this”. It does not mean that is, a fact or even a fart compared to peer review, publicly accessible papers from actual researchers.

Just because some paper has claimed to be from a reliable source does not mean it is so. Also again a link to a list of fallacies you need to have a look at!

Climate Change

This is the most important article I will probably ever write.

Everyone has a made-up opinion about Climate Change and are very hard to tell other wise. Let’s break down that wall.

What will happen to our Climate?

An documentary about Climate change

No one can predict the future… unless you’r a good weatherman. Then you can?
Yes it is true, that no one can 100% predict the future, but we can use the past to map-out what we expect to happen next. And the picture is not bright. More Floods, droughts and general out-of-bound weather that will destroy homes, cause heat stroke burning Woods and Jungles. Out of control fire the list just keeps on going . But what do I know? lets have a look:

How to verify the Facts/Opinions

This is a great course to take on Critical Thinking

There are many ways to figure out the facts and being objective is the best most can strive to be. Now here is a 15 point list of fallacies and the last one is the one 99% of people that are ,In my opinion , at risk of false news; if they don’t know about it, at least.

Let’s Work through some Examples

If it is true,Why is no one talking about it?

Talking about the end, of the comfortable world, is not something you discuss easily at a BBQ,Braai or any other social event. Unless it is starting you in the face… which somehow many are simply seeing as a distant non-important topic. Best discussed by the Professionals. And those whom simply deny Climate change are hell bent over to stay in their bubble.

Don’t we all choose comfort over pain? unless the lion is standing in the door some will simply not believe you. Like really, “a LiON in tHE DoOR”? who would believe you after words? This is also part of the anxiety some-feel as it is not a very Popular topic. But soon it will be all we can talk about for decades to come.

The earth is in a warming period.

Well, yes… well NO?
The Sun has a warming and cooling period of 11 years. The likes that say it is warming are, probably, stuck in 2012. And soon yes we will have some more heat due to this but this is normal and does not explain the trend of heat/Natural disasters/Cold weather other than greenhouse gasses.

Most of the Green house gasses comes from live stock

Well yes it does, but does it? So farm animals eat plants and plants use CO2 so it is actually a closed of loop. Plant’s use the sun to store the energy and live stock eats it and uses it. this is simply not the issue. Also there are living bacteria’s that consume methane.

Science is not out yet? Well, actually it is.

This should interest you. 5 Big Findings 2021 IPCC Climate report


The average human as a team can stop climate change within the house hold

No, you can’t. The things you use in everyday life cannot at the scale of industry, compete at all. The only way out is to vote with your wallet and be mindful of the things you buy.

I’m to small to matter in the bigger scheme of our planet

We’ll yes you are. But together we are strong and by participating in knowledge
of what is the biggest drivers of climate change, while avoiding that what hurts our planet, you can make a difference on your net emissions of greenhouse

Your vote and direct action into whom you shop with and support can have a big effect on the choices made by big corporations. If they see products labeled as sustainable, net-zero-carbon make more money or simply sells better; They will follow those breadcrumbs and optimise all accordingly.

Sadly the majority of corporations do not have a heart and will only listen to money. Choose wisely and then as a silent movement of independent people buying from sustainable sources we will prevail.[We have to]

There is no political will to stop Climate change.

Using Politics as a yard-stick, on climate change, is like using the knowledge of a fifth-grader to build a Space-Station. It does not go very well and all both care about is how high they can go.

Someone else, a smart guy, will figure it out and I’m to dumb to figure it out

But that does not mean you will never be able to help out. Start small read up on the area’s you do understand partake in events [2021-where-a-mask]. And when the others start to run next to you , the euphoria will well be worth it. As a Global movement of Climate-change-behind-the-scenes-preventers… Or whatever. We will simply have to do our part and see to it that industry follow suite.

Masks,The Internet and the Good Record

Good day. In progress to make a post about how to use the internet that should be read by all who are new to the internet. The reason is simple; people don’t know things about how to use a computer and this site’s aim is to help out. And when I say basic I mean basic like a page about wifi, DNS, Internet accounts how to search for something. Motivated from My Grandad who use to not know what the GOOGLE thing is… Also, no idea what a browser is but somehow is able to use Gmail.

Today 2021/09/12 – Without further a due.

There are many, many misinformation out there and based on some basic research it seems people need to have a solid understanding of their world , before they could be less likely to fall victim to miss information.

I will once a week give feedback on some area of concern where some point of view is squeezed and made to cause discourse/conflict.

Lets use the first one… Masks

in 2020 we started to have a mask mandate right over the world. Some complained that masks were suffocating them and simply not able to use them at all…. Other’s said a surgeon uses them for 6hours straight without causing any side effects. Some claimed they could *faint*.

Let's set the record straight
  1. If both parties used the same mask the issue would be easy to solve
  2. The surgeons uses masks that are easy to breath through not grans 5-ply-full-face-cotton-mask
  3. both parties was unable to figure this out; now we have “political” masks
  4. The mask filters most of the air coming out of your nose/mouth and so protects others from yourself, as you might be contagious without knowing it.
  5. Yes the mask does not directly protect you from covid, but if everyone protects they neighbour from they self we all would have less of an covid issue.

This was not easily understandable to some hence the mask mandates and laws.

Some extra reading about what most are up against : DISCLAIMER I: don’t know if it’s the Russians but that is for another post.